Welcome to 190 sqm of
games development

East Sweden Game is a workspace and community for entrepreneurs and creators of games, visualisation and digital experiences.

We are located at Ebbepark in Linköping, Sweden.

Improve your game

At East Sweden Game we help you start and grow your business within computer games, visualisation and digital experiences.

We offer an attractive area for meetings, exchange of knowledge and production. As a member you get advisory, access to a wide industry network and help with financing.

Open Space

Hang out in the open area and meet other game developers. We offer free talks and meetups on regular basis.


Sign up for office space and get things done. We offer flexible and fixed seats with advisory and access to TechLab.


Can’t afford the latest technology? No worries, you can borrow our stuff for development and tests. Roomscale VR etc.

Choose your game plan


Free for all

Access to the open space area at specific hours

Invitations to meetups and lectures



Free for students and early stage startups

Flexible work place with personal key and locker

Access to Techlab*

Invitations to meetups and lectures

Business coaching & advisory from associated partners

Slack-channel & newsletters


From 2.000 SEK/month for established companies

Your own office room with personal key

Stash up with your own monitor or whatever gear you need. Never clean your desk. 🙂

Membership in Swedish Games Industry

Access to Techlab*

Invitations to meetups and lectures

Business coaching & advisory from associated partners

Slack-channel & newsletters

Always included: Wifi, furniture, coffee, community love etc

*) Cool stuff at Techlab: Powerful VR and gaming computer, Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Samsung S7 & GearVR, Tobii Eye Tracking, LEAP Motion

East Sweden Game is a proud sponsor of LiU Game Conference! 

We run this place

Tomas Ahlström

Tomas Ahlström

General Manager

“Tomas has been around in the entertainment industry as entrepreneur for twenty years.”


Carolina Olsson

Carolina Olsson

Community Manager

“Space expert, Tech Pilot, VR buff, Geek girl, Gamer, Maker and kick ass moderator. Here is where the magic happens.”


Alexander Milton

Alexander Milton

Business Coach

“Educated in Skövde where he co-funded and managed Mostly Harmless Games. Passionate about inspiring other people!”


East Sweden Game

Address: Westmansgatan 47, 582 16 Linköping

East Sweden Game
c/o Sankt Kors Fastighets AB
Westmansgatan 47
582 16 Linköping

+46 13 26 36 00

Proud member of the
Swedish Game Industry

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

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Vi håller dig uppdaterad inom den lokala spelbranschen! Missa inga föreläsningar, meetups, spelkonferenser, game jams etc.

Vår vision är att skapa världens bästa spelutvecklingscommunity - tlllsammans med dig.

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