Welcome to East Sweden Game

East Sweden Game is a community, workspace and business incubator for developers of games and digital experiences.

Level up your game

We believe that everyone has potential to become successful. All game developers are welcome to join our community.

Grow your indie studio

You have a team, you have a great project and you need a place to grow your business. Our office space is the place to be.

Establish your studio here

Expand with talent from East Sweden. Here you find well-reputed game educations and a world-class university.

Work remotely

Do you work remote for a game studios at other place? Use East Sweden Game as your local office.

Learn and be inspired

At East Sweden Game people and companies with different backgrounds and goals meet, learn and develop together.

Improve your game with us

At East Sweden Game we help you develop games and digital experiences. No matter if you run a hobby project, a startup or an established business – we are here to help you reach your goals.

We offer an attractive area for meetings, exchange of knowledge and development. As a member you get advisory, access to a wide industry network and help with financing.

We are located in Linköping and Norrköping, Sweden.

Events & meetups

Inspiration and sharing are important. We have social areas at our offices and digital channels for our members.


Hang out in the open area and meet other game devs. We offer free talks and meetups on regular basis.

Office rooms

Sign up for your own room and get things done. Access to a conference room and free coffee included.


We offer inhouse coachning and advisory in how to start and grow your game studio. 

Join the digital community

Discord-invite: https://discord.gg/28vAEkJxSb

Featured members

Core Keeper was made here

Boasting way over 2 million downloads, Core Keeper stands proudly as one of Sweden’s top-selling games. Behind this remarkable success, the esteemed studio Pugstorm emerges as a powerful catalyst, driving innovation and prosperity throughout our region.

Events & happenings

24 Jun 2024
Sommarjobb i spelutveckling
All Day Event
25 Jul 2024
NärCon Sommar
  • Linköpings universitet, Hans Meijers väg 21, 583 30 Linköping, Sverige View on Map
    All Day Event
    07 Aug 2024
    Afterwork at Kappa Bar (20% discount on everything)
    The first Wednesday of every month, we invite you to an afterwork at Kappa Bar...
  • Kappa Bar Trädgårdstorget 4, 582 24 Linköping, Sverige View on Map
    17:00 - 20:00
    08 Aug 2024
    Devlunch Linköping
    We go to a nearby restaurant for a nice lunch together.
  • Fridtunagatan 24 Linköping, Sverige View on Map
    12:00 - 13:00
    08 Aug 2024
    ESG VD-möte (återkommande var 6 vecka)
    13:00 - 14:00

    About the games industry

    The computer game industry is growing fast. In Sweden, the growth was 28% in 2021 (domestic revenues). Games such as Battlefield, Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft have put the Swedish gaming industry on the map once and for all.

    The use of game technology is increasing not only in entertainment, but also in areas such as medicine, health, education, aviation, AI, the film industry and destination development.

    In the municipality of Östergötland, also known as East Sweden, there are great opportunities to start your own gaming company, work in a game studio or one of the region’s tech companies.

    About East Sweden Game

    East Sweden Game is a community, workplace and business incubator for developers of computer games and digital experiences. We have more than 400 square meters in the new district Ebbepark in Linköping, strategically located between the city center and the university. Recently we opened a second office in the twin city of Norrköping.

    East Sweden Game was founded by the city owned real estate company Sankt Kors in Linköping, and are today financed by Sankt Kors and Norrköping Science Park.

    The goal is to establish and grow the games industry in our region to create new exciting jobs and economic growth. 

    Find us

    Our office in Linköping👇

    Visiting address is Fridtunagatan 24, in by the restaurant then one floor up. Click the map for Google Maps.

    Our office in Norrköping👇

    Visiting address is Laxholmstorget 3, same place as Norrköpings Science Park. Click the map for Google Maps.

    Contact us

    Tomas Ahlström

    Tomas Ahlström

    General Manager

    Thomas Clifford

    Thomas Clifford

    Office Manager Linköping

    Evelina Åslin

    Evelina Åslin

    Office Manager Norrköping

    Eric Holmstedt

    Eric Holmstedt


    Sten-Gunnar Johansson

    Sten-Gunnar Johansson


    East Sweden Game
    Wahlbecksgatan 25
    582 13 Linköping

    Besöksadress: Fridtunagatan 24

    “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”