Game Development Studios

Here are all public game studios that are members of East Sweden Game. Some studios are working remotely and some have offices at East Sweden Game, or use our coworkingspace from time to time.

Game studios with office at ESG Office Space

Martin Magni

We develop mobile games where players become creators.


A studio started by gaming couple Narin and Valle, armed with a strong passion for creating fun and challenging cooperative games for other gaming couples & close friends.

Flashe Gaming Group

Flashe Gaming Group develop, manufacture and sell gaming products and associated parts.


Lurkit offers a discovery platform where you can find streamers, youtubers, and esports information gathered in one place.


Development of a game engine for next-gen retro games and a unique RPG game based on that engine.

Zero Index

We help game developers grow faster by providing talent from East Sweden, currently focusing on VR experiences.

Dyno Robotics

Dyno Robotics is a Swedish startup creating cutting edge solutions for business with the help of intelligent machines.

Overflow Games

At Overflow we love to transform unique ideas into awesome games.

Lutra Interactive

Simulation and gamification of the nature ecosystem.

SetShape Studio

Shaping Mixed Reality Scenery. Currently working on Cybiator.

Game studios with support from ESG

Catalope Games

Catalope Games is a game studio in Sweden dedicated to making cute and fun games.

Friendly Fire Games

We are four swedish game developers with around five years of experience in the industry.

Skyfox Interactive

“Making games should be good for the soul.”

Camp Creation

A new studio founded by games industry veterans, still in stealth mode.

Solid Core

We are a passionate two-man team forging deep gameplay in simple game concepts. Working on top-down racer Roadclub: League Racing and gamer sim Random Raiders.


The developer behind the ultimate block building game!


We make awesome puzzle games with a unique retro ooze. Right now working on Radical Rabbit Stew!


Rymdfall is a games studio based in Sweden. We develop Planetary Dustoff, a moddable roguelite shooter.

Dimfrost Studio

Dimfrost Studio is a passionate gaming studio focusing on storytelling and atmospheric environments.

Caspian Interactive

An independent video game development company with focus on persian mythology.

Therese Kristoffer

Therese Kristoffer Publishing develop engaging games for a greater good.


Pixleon aims to deliver condensed and challenging, but most important, interesting game experiences.


Making the best games possible! Currently working on Crystal Corruption.

Fewes Games

Developer of amazing flight sim games in virtual reality, based on realism with a layer of fun and entertainment.


A one-man-studio working on a virtual reality skiing game.

Graewolv Games

Graewolv is a development studio, founded by industry veterans. Graewolv is currently prototyping its first title.


Lifee offer a magic wristband that turns physical activity into a game.

Friends & Others

Incredible Concepts of Sweden

We help companies and organizations to maximize value and make an impact. No matter if it’s a startup, an innovation, scientific results or a great event.


We specialize in interactive visualizations with 3D, VR and AR.

Miltonic Games

Miltonic Games is a consultant partner in everything related to making games – including development, recruitment, education, strategic advisory and more.


We produce 3D images from CAD-data. We also work with AR, VR and conversion of 3D.

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