Thanks for a great 2023! Even though the year was tough for many, the local games industry is still thriving.

Here are some highlights from the past year:

🔹East Sweden Game organized a wooping 47 events and meetups throughout the year.

🔸Linköping Game Week 2.0 was a success, offering experiences for everyone.

🔹The renowned ESG Accelerator produced a bunch of new game pitches with huge potential.

🔸Game studio Beartwigs and Aftnareld secured publishing deals, well done!

🔹Pugstorm’s successful game Core Keeper triumphed with multiple award nominations, ‘Best Debut’ at Swedish Game Awards, robust sales, and an expanded team of nearly 30 passionate individuals.

🔸Dimfrost’s Bramble: The Mountain King set a new standard in cozy horror gaming and won ‘Best Independent Game’ by NYX Game Awards, earning rave reviews while hosting an unforgettable release gala.

🔹Serious games are reaching a broader audience, as demonstrated by the Visual Crime Scene’s premiere, a pioneering collaboration between the Swedish Police and multiple organizations.

🔸Our cluster’s turnover surpassed 100 million SEK, a testament to our growing industry’s vitality and promise.

🔹Participating in major events like Gamescom, Nordic Game Conference and Sweden Game Conference has strengthened our presence and international connections.

While 2024 presents many challenges, we remain optimistic. The resilience and creativity of our local games industry are not just surviving but thriving, promising continued job creation, economic growth, and most important; many thrilling, joyful experiences.

Here’s to a year of collaboration and success!