The games industry is growing fast. The number of women who develop games in Sweden has in recent years increased to around 22 percent. But the male dominance is still there. Therefore, East Sweden Game has founded the ‘ESG Inclusion Scholarship’, which is awarded today on the International Women’s Day. This year’s scholarship goes to Narin Yousef, CEO of the game studio Aftnareld.

To encourage inclusion and diversity in the local games industry, the cluster East Sweden Game has established a scholarship that is awarded to a role model in the games industry in Östergötland. It can be through inspiring entrepreneurship, a specific achievement, or by being a great person.

The scholarship is awarded on International Women’s Day, March 8, to motivate more people to include and invite as many as possible to the games industry. The need for talent is huge and studies show that games are better if the development team consists of people of different genders and backgrounds.

This year’s scholarship is awarded to Narin Yousef, CEO and founder of the game studio Aftnareld, which develops the game Coridden; a unique adventure game where you play together with a friend. Narin grew up in Linköping and after an education as an engineer in Chemical Analysis Engineering, she chose to start the game studio Aftnareld together with her partner Valdemar Tove.

Motivation: “Narin inspires with her leadership and involvement in many initiatives that enable inclusion; female meetups, art jams, internships and education. Always with a positive attitude based on everyone’s equal value.

Congratulation and well done Narin, you’re the best!