Promethean AI is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence assistant for creating virtual worlds. It is being used to help artists create video games, architectural scenes and films faster and to higher quality, by suggesting ideas and taking on a lot of mundane and non-creative work.

The headquarter is located in Los Angeles but team members are distributed all around the globe. Now Promethean AI is establishing a branch in Sweden to get access to talent and knowledge in game and AI tech.

”Sweden is a fantastic region with a lot of knowledge and a passion for not just building products, but putting a dent in the universe with good technology. And we love that” says Andrew Maximov, founder of Promethean AI and a games industry veteran from legendary game studios such as Naughty Dog.

The first person to get hired in Sweden is Peter Saverman. Peter will lead the development of the cloud and backend systems for Promethean AI and brings experience from the Linköpings based startup Simplygon, acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

This is also the start of a collaboration between Promethean AI and the business incubator East Sweden Game, acting as a link to Sweden for future expansion within research, development and business.

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Here are some examples of scenes created with artificial intelligence from Promethean AI: