Here are all the finalists in LiU Game Awards 2018, the game development competition for students at Linköping university! (In no particular order). Most games on the list originates from a coarse in Game Programming. Read more here!

The final winner will be presented at LiU Game Conference 2018, november 28. Get your ticket here!


Developed by Björn Detterfelt, Samuel Blomqvist



Developed by Anton Gefvert, Jonathan Lundgren


UHawk VR

Develoer: Felix Westin


Case Breakers

Developed by Rickard Torén


The Bagger

Developed by Axel Nordanskog


Die by Dye

Developed by Emilie Ho, Johanna Granström



Frans Bergstrom



Developed by Axel Brinkeby, Valdemar Wadströmer


Olgob The Bold

Developed by Aakif Sultan



Developed by Lucas Palnén-Rung, Erik Nilsson