Title: Coridden
Studio: Aftnareld
Action, RPG, Adventure
Planned release: Q3 2024
Platform: PC (Windows), Consoles TBA


An action RPG where you are a shape-shifter, with the ability to shapeshift into the beasts you defeat. Equip and upgrade both your human and beast form and shift between them anytime. Venture out solo or ride together in co-op on a journey to uncover the dark secrets sealed away inside a legendary city.


A unique take on action RPG and shapeshifting unlike any other game. You are free to shapeshift whenever you want, there is no cooldown limit. You can upgrade both your forms to better take out different enemies or specialize both in the same type of damage for higher output.

Coridden is a real co-op adventure, where you don’t only cooperate while fighting but also while exploring and interacting with characters in the world, as each main character has a different personality that can affect the conversation. Additionally, you can use a special team mechanic: ride on each other’s back to become a strong cavalry unit together!