House Keyz

by Mosswod Games


Title: House Keyz
Studio: Mosswod Games
Cozy, Alchemy, RPG
Planned release: TBA
Platform: PC
Looking for: Funding, Investors, Connections


You just arrived in a sleepy town after wandering for a long time. Here you finally find a place to call your own where you can experience the diverse lifes of the village and learn the long forgotten art of alchemy. Create your own adventure while you hold your newly found housekeyz in your hand.


We aim to create a versitile world where you are in control of the pacing and experience. In our 3rd person alchemy game the player is free to explore and get to know the surroundings and it’s inhabitants, gather rescources to craft and uncover the many mysteries that awaits you. The cozy vibes we aim to create is something that will permeate all through out the game. From the graphics to the deep stories you will encounter.


Even though House Keyz is in its ealy stages of development we at Mosswood Games have already begun playtesting at events such as Närcon and Nordic Game Conferance to gather user feedback, build community and get a feel for the market.