Paris Transylvania

by Magneticlake


Title:Paris Transylvania
Studio: Magneticlake
Strategy, Roguelike Deckbuilder
Planned release: Q1 2025
Platform: Steam
Looking for: Game testers


A vampire-slaying pachinko roguelike deckbuilder! Collect a powerful deck of cards, strategize, aim, and pop pegs to power up and deal massive damage with relic synergies. Explore and conquer Transylvania, defeat the vampires, and free the people! 


Paris Transylvania offers high replayability and boundless exploration, featuring a nostalgic cartoony art style mixed with retro elements. The game uniquely blends Peggle and Slay The Spire mechanics with a fresh twist in both format and gameplay. Play cards in any order and choose your path without RNG. The boss fights will keep you on your toes, with extravagant creeps and heart-pounding retro minigames adding to the excitement.


  • We have an open development process on Discord with our community, ensuring that the game is seriously fun to play. Join us for private playtests and first-hand views!
  • The alpha demo has already garnered fantastic player feedback and attracted significant streamer attention and recommendations from influential gaming platforms.
  • Paris Transylvania has been selected for all the major festivals in spring 2024.
  • The game has significantly increased its wishlist count following multiple high-profile showcase features.