Planeshifter’s Apprentice

by Plum Garden Studio


Title: Planeshifter’s Apprentice
Studio: Plum Garden Studio
Farming, Exploration, Fantasy
Planned release: TBA
Platform: Steam
Looking for: Publisher, Game Testers, Sound Designer, 3D Artist


Planesgardener is a cozy first/third person farming game, set in a fantasy world where you start out as the new interplanar forest guard and use magic portals to travel to different worlds with unique biomes to explore and gather materials for your farm.


The game promotes customized experience with options like first/third person mode and it is cozy and stress free with unique vibrant worlds to explore.


  • Strong game loop with exploration and progression as strong drives
  • Plenty of playtesting at events like East Sweden Game and Nordic Game Conference to ensure fun gameplay
  • Passionate development team active in cozy games communities

Currently Plum Garden Studio consists of two indie developers, Connie Åberg (CEO/Art Director) and Viktor Sandgren (Programmer/Game Designer). We plan to expand the team in the future!

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