Vault of Power

by Jim Games


Title: Vault of Power
Studio: Jim Games
Strategy, Roguelike, Auto-battler
Planned release: Q4 2024
Platform: Steam
Looking for: Publisher


Vault of Power is a strategic roguelike auto-battler. Master powerful skills, upgrade your units, and watch as your team conquer the dungeon or die trying.


The game features an addictive gameplay loop with a high retention rate, boasting a median playtime of 1 hour 28 minutes for the demo among 5k players.

The game offers a variety of choices with over 50 unique skills and 20 classes/skill types, enabling players to create unique builds.


  • Korean streamer RoofTopCat, who has 600k subscribers on YouTube, played the demo for 6 hours.
  • RoofTopCat uploaded a 1-hour 40-minute version to his main channel, receiving 95k views.
  • This exposure resulted in 2k wishlists within a few days. (Watch video here)
  • Players have responded positively and are eager for more content.